A new beginning

The idea of creating a blog has been in my mind for the last three years, but as you can see I’m an Olympic procrastinator.

The main reason of such incredible sloth is that I haven’t able to define THE one topic that will inspire me for infinities or could write about endlessly, I’ve wandered from topic to topic a thousand times without realizing the common ingredient ´more´… to be more, to create more, to know more.

There was a year where my sole purpose was to read as much as I could. I created a Goodreads account and did weekly visits to the library, I listened to podcasts about literature and aimed to read most of the classics. I genuinely developed a love for reading but in no more than a year something else caught my attention… and now I barely read five books per year.

Last year I became obsessed with running, I created a Nike+ account and went running at least five times a week, I even signed up for a Half-Marathon in June last year! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it due to a very exhausting and stressing period at work, but I did get to the point where I could run 10 miles straight.

This year I decided to watch as much TV Shows as possible. I downloaded the TV Show Time App and so far I’ve watched (or currently watching) Homeland, Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Orphan Black, Love, Orange is the New Black and That 70’s Show.

As you can see there’s something I always do (despite the need to digitally follow my current obsession): a few months later my newfound interest becomes irrelevant and is replaced for something new.

Finally, today, I have decided to unite all these temporary obsessions I have had through all my life and instead of jumping from one thing to another become a more holistic person. I’m deciding to stop quitting and define topics and categories that are relevant to me and want to develop continuously, with the hope that if I get momentarily bored with one I could easily switch to other without dropping either of them.

And that’s how this blog is born, its purpose is to be my witness and keep me on track, as it’s way easier to quit something you don’t feel accountable for (if I don’t go running today, who cares?).

So, step one deciding to create a blog, done. But, what am I going to write about? Is it only going to be about this and that without a strong common base?…

After much thinking, I realized that I wanted all to have a common ingredient: self-improvement and improvement in quality of life.

I’ve been working in the American corporate ladder for the last three years since I graduated college, and I recently realized is easy to fall in the: if I had a promotion/raise I will be more chic/cultural/fit/better person or I will live with a better or nicer car/house/clothes, instead of creating an actual change in myself.

At the end of it, this blog is called The Luxury Change, because what I also want is to prove that being and living better can be changed with actual things you have control of, instead of waiting for a better job, a multimillionaire App idea or getting that promotion.

Without further expanding myself, the categories and what you can read about in this blog are:

-Home & Entertainment

-Financial Literacy

-Fitness & Beauty


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